Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Spider Stuff

Here are some more spider pics with my EyeClops camera. The subject is what I believe to be a phiddipus audax. In addition to close-ups of the spider's face and eyes, I also got a couple of shots of the spider's chelicerae, the appendages that hold its fangs. The chelicerae of a phiddipus have bright green or blue scales that seem to reflect light, which I think makes them look especially pretty.

What I particularly like about jumping spiders like the phiddipus is that they seem to have more of a "personality" than other spiders. Most others spiders are virtually blind; their eight eyes are tiny don't really see much. Yet jumpers have larger eyes (in relation to their bodies) and with the two big ones in front, when you look at one, it can actually look back at you. Also, the legally blind, web-spinning spiders generally just sit around all day waiting for prey to come to them. Yet jumpers will actually seek out and stalk their prey, like a lion stalking an antelope. And they catch their prey with the jumping ability they are named for. One day I hope to get some film with my camera of a jumper in action on here. Anyway, below this last pic I wrote a little verse in tribute to my creepy-crawly friends.

(To the tune of "Survivor")
It's the eye of the spider, it's the creepiest sight,
Crawling up to pounce upon it's supper,
And the lone little fly is now locked square in its sights,
And he knows he is watched by the eyyyyyyyye
Of the spider!

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