Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas With Freaky the Snowman

OK, I know I've been away for a while, which is due to a dearth of content and various things (like getting a job) keeping me busy. However, I will still keep blogging away, though my posts may be a bit more irregular than in the past.

Anyway, this Christmas Eve I thought I'd do a tribute to good ol' Freaky the Snowman of YouTube fame. For those who don't know, Freaky is a guy in a snowman suit who hangs out on the streets, scaring people as they walk by. Here's a clip of Freaky in action (and in trouble), followed by my own "Freaky the Snowman" song:

Freaky the Snowman,
Was a real sadistic soul,
With a black neck scarf,
And a carrot nose,
And two eyes made of peepholes,

Freaky the Snowman,
Was a fairy tale they say,
He was made of foam,
But the people know,
How he spooked them every day.

There must have been a person
In that spooky snowman suit,
For when folks came too close,
He'd turn and they would scoot!

Freaky the Snowman,
Was a creepy looking guy,
And the people say,
They would run away,
When he'd scare those passing by.

Freaky the Snowman,
Knew they streets were full that day,
So he said, "Right here,
We will do our scares,
And make them run away!"

Down in the city,
With a camera out of sight,
He sit here and there all around the square,
Giving folks a real good fright.

He'd do this every day,
Until the cops came 'round,
And then they said to him,
"You had better get out of town!"

Then Freaky the Snowman,
Had to hurry from the streets.
But he said,
"Hey there,
You had best beware,
I will be there in your sleep!"

Look at Freaky go!
The scary snowman of fake snow!

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