Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Unbreak My Heart"

Here's another picture I took in the shower (and you should know by now what I mean by that;)).

I thought the blob on the right looked like a broken heart, and I meant to just fill in that spot with the Paint Bucket tool, but then I thought, "Why stop there?"

 I applied a Paint Bucket color, set to about 10 tolerance (I had to adjust a little occasionally to prevent bleeding), to every substantial patch of brown in the image. Then I applied the Glowing Edges filter, which outlined the contrasting colors like so.

Then I used the eyedropper (or Color Selection Tool) to sample a color from each of the outlines. After I sampled an outline color, I then used the Paint Bucket to apply it to the whole outline.
To create a bit of balance to the image, I got rid of the white dots in the upper right (which were outlines of water droplets in the original photograph), and replaced them with a warped copy of one of the blobs.

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