Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spider Stuff

I really liked making this poster, because I've always been a fan of bugs and other creepy-crawlies.  I also like sci-fi movies, so that should clue you in on my weird personality.  The people in the photo are me and Sara, a girl who goes to the same church I do and was willing to pose with me for a school project.  The initial assigment was to take a picture showing a certain emotion, and play with it.  This is the first draft of said work:
In this version, the spiders I placed in the picture are from a photo I took myself of a wolf spider I found in my house.  The detail level was scant, though, so I switched them for better photos of a spider someone found in Vietnam and posted online.  Furthermore, the picture was shot in the daytime, and I wanted the scene to look closer to nighttime.  I didn't know as much about Photoshop then, and I had a tough time getting the effect I wanted.

You'll see a fair amount of bugs on this blog, because they are among my favorite photography subjects.  Here's a few pics of a menemerus bivittatius that I photographed with my EyeClops microscope a few months ago.  I hope I can afford a better close-up camera soon.

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